WIN Café – Rethinking Work/Life integration into 2021

Fun fact: The term “work/life balance” came into existence in the United Kingdom (in 1986).

Now almost 35 years later, gone are the days when work ends when one leaves the office. With technology and globalization, it’s become harder to leave work. Looking at time and energy spent at work versus at home is no longer about divvying up the pie. Instead, it is about looking for ways to integrate professional time with the personal.

Join the discussion with other professionals like yourself to rethink work and life integration into 2021.

Women in Industry Division's Win Cafe will be lively, deep-dive conversations centered around the increasing importance of work/life integration. When does work end and home begin? Let’s figure this out together. Please feel free to register now.

Register today for WIN Café”  virtual event to be held on Tuesday, December 8th 11AM – 12:30PM EST.